Oil, photography, digital printed A1 birch ply

Chosen to take part in the exciting “Science meets Art’ exhibition as part of the ‘Pint of Science’ festival. Knew immediately the category I wanted to explore; Beautiful Mind. Partnered with a scientist from Bristol University, Doretta Caramaschi, a senior researcher in Neonatal Epigenetics. What I took from conversations with Doretta was the startling idea that an individuals DNA can look the same – but due to external environmental influences – actually display differently. Out walking, I came across a monkey tree branch on the ground, it’s coiled and twisted shaft reminded me of a DNA strand. I plucked the individual pieces and arranged in a way to represent calm, ordered DNA whilst the intact spiralling lengths reflected how these could change due to environmental factors ( the separate solid swirling yellow) – so the same elements, but displaying differently. The process was also about the meet-ups with equally passionate science-minded people which allowed me to fully get my geek on. To create the image I used everything from the scavenged monkey tree branches, oil paint, photography and digital artwork. The final piece was printed on A1 birch plywood and exhibited in Bristol, Stoke’s Croft gallery. The artworks and interaction over the week encouraged a wider audience to be inspired by science through the artist interpretations.

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