Spirit, Undiminished

Film, resin, birch ply, photography

Created in celebration of 50 years of Amnesty International, focusing on their work empowering women globally. The imperfection of the resin plates contrasts with the quality of undiminished spirit captured inside. Peel back cultural differences and revealed is the uniting strength and vitality of women worldwide, capturing a sense of human transcendence in the face of adversity.

The final image is printed onto birch plywood, whose unique grain and yielding surface evokes a sense that something intangible is being witnessed; someone has held up the wooden panel and a passing thought or memory has ‘fallen’ onto it.

Thank you to all the kind folk who lent or donated imagery, making it a heart-warming international venture; Gunnar Salvarsson, Onemama.org, Andrea Erdna Barletta, Nancy Fewtrell, Ian Brodie, Jane@ Savvy graphics, Alanna Hinds.

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