Beautiful Information

Beautiful Information

Already trading, this business now required a brand that reflected the growing audience for their health resources tracking app.

The company gathers data to track the real-time flow of health resources, allowing decision-makers to make informed choices. I wanted the design to reflect both the crisp, modern neutrality of data – whilst also mindful that no matter how statistically significant your data is – it isn’t actionable without a human element.

For the logo, I utilised the Belzier curve, a mathematical ratio of exact proportions which reflects both the exactness of data (Information) combined with the timeless order of symmetry (Beautiful). ┬áreflects The imagery denotes a modern, relaxed and practical real-life application, the graphic element highlights the course of action from meeting, to practioner to positive patient outcome. The shape and colour graduation also reflect this flow; there is a journey and process in motion. To reiterate this further I devised the copy line ‘Control the flow of your healthcare resources, finances and patients’ to dovetail with the graphic.

To work with these clients is exciting – I can continue to evolve the design with the new requirements; a refreshed website, new exhibition stands, Powerpoint Presentations and varying formats for printed collateral.

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