Prace celebrates / SuperComputers in Dallas @ SC22

Prace and Insight Media

A joyous return to in-person exhibition spaces at SC22, held in Dallas, Texas. Commissioned by Insight Media for their clients, Prace, to create a booth that celebrated nearly 20 years of innovative work developing Supercomputers.

The centre piece for the booth was an arch; once standing underneath, the large modern mirrored graphics created a sense of submersion and encouraged users to share in a sense of excitement and celebration. The outer arch panel also echoed the interior graphic shape and positioning to increase the sense of an outer and inner journey around the booth. It also featured a large tri-sided structure with a graphic timeline which snaked across all surfaces, with the mainline at eye-level to encourage selfies next to relevant dates to the participant and upload to social media.  It also featured 6 up-lit Totems holding detailed editorial in an engaging way.

To ensure visual cohesion I developed a language of graphic elements to work across the site and extend the brand. To emphasise the celebratory and sense of the extraordinary work Prace has encouraged in helping scientists research innovative work, I chose to present a graphic and visceral sense of this achievement, rather than feature images of the Supercomputers themselves.

Also liaised with printers and exhibition technicians in the US to finalise booth.

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