Press Pause

150cm x 80cm


An early word print started in response to the stillness that I was discovering through meditation. Through typography I wanted to capture a sense of being ‘alive’ in the moment but also of having an awareness of the bigger picture beyond ourselves. Feeling a tangible absence in the space. This ‘pausing’ I think, encourages mental well-being and gives us a new strength and focus when we go back into the fray. It is also a comment on how the pausing from all ‘glowboxes’ be they, mobile phones, computors or ipads etc can bring a sense of equinimity that reminds us, that we, rather than our tech, are the drivers of our lives.

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Photograph of edition stamp on the back of all prints

Each A4 print is on top quality substrate: Sustainable birch ply, 9 mm thickness. The natural grain and texture of the plywood subtly come through to make every print unique.

Each print has the Stamp of Authenticity on the reverse, and individually hand-numbered by the artist.