Like water around a rock

150cm x 80cm, A4


Let thoughts pass by like water around a rock. I first heard this saying in Japan, and it immediately intrigued me as it conjured up a state of mind I hadn’t heard of but wanted to find out more about.

The image plots the ebb and flow of your thoughts and you, the solid rock, remain unaltered. The graphic lines are printed on top of the surface, and the word ROCK is formed by the absence of colour, and as you stare through it and into the naked woodgrain the intangible, becomes tangible.



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Photograph of edition stamp on the back of all prints

Each A4 print is on top quality substrate: Sustainable birch ply, 9 mm thickness. The natural grain and texture of the plywood subtly come through to make every print unique.

Each print has the Stamp of Authenticity on the reverse, and individually hand-numbered by the artist.