This Moment

“This moment” V2 series

An exploration into capturing the idea of ‘a moment’. Making a prompt to bring us back to this exact moment, all equal but simultaneously unique.

  1. Hand-printed type directly onto maple hardwood blocks. Each wooden block is individually printed, and due to the the process are non-repeatable, reflecting the uniqueness of each moment, and made more beautiful by their inherent faults. The intangibility of a ‘moment’ is made visible; as if an inky winged butterfly chanced by and with the shuddering of it’s laden wings made a moment visible, impressing it forever against the surface of the wood. The blocks are also photographed in a variety of natural settings, and can also be displayed as individual 3D items.
  2. Also used pyrography to mark the same message onto wood, with the handmade process ensuring each and everyone was completey differant. Envisaged a stacked wall, all the same but simultaneously differant, which together make a seemingly solid experience. Burnt fingers curtailed that!
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