Community Engagement

WDPC Neighbourhood Development Plan

West Dean Parish Council commissioned me to create a communications strategy, large-scale exhibition and printed collateral for public consultations that were statutory requirements to produce their Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

I developed a campaign to engage and raise awareness within the local community that would be affected by decisions made around the potentially sensitive issues raised, through two public consultations within their boundaries.

Being passionate myself about natural sites, I had an understanding of historic reluctance in the community to engage with potential change. I saw my primary role as a bridge by which to empower the community, through presenting knowledge and options in a visually inspiring way, that would encourage full and sustained engagement.

I developed the creative strategy, researched and wrote content and designed dramatic ‘visual conversations’ for large scale displays that encouraged flow, interaction and maintained interest and excitement around both public consultations.

External publicity was achieved through the design of local press advertising and outdoor signage pre-event and in situ. I managed all print buying and liaised with external suppliers, and also managed final installation.

The community was appreciative and inspired by the depth of research and the user-friendly approach to the design and content of the information, which included an historical context for the area, introducing healthy ways to consider ‘change’ and specific ‘call to actions’ within the exhibitions.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan for Berry Hill, won the GRCC Award for ‘Best Community-led Engagement’ 2014.

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