Bespoke Order of Service Memorial Cards

Initially, I was asked by friends and family to create bespoke Order of Service brochures. Having myself witnessed loss, I wanted to contribute something at this difficult time. By creating a bespoke design, we could remember their loved ones more intimately and vividly. I bring a level of professionalism and a genuine desire to reflect, on this modest stage, an individual’s interests, family and passions.


Cards that celebrate, with a non-denominational approach. The service card is A4 (size of an ordinary sheet of paper) folded to A5, creating 4 sides in all. With advice and ideas on how others have approached this to simplify the process.


Families supply me with the imagery they would like to use, in the form of scanned images. I also have an extensive library of original photographs I have taken.

Enhancing Vintage Photos

Sometimes when using vintage photographs, I can also enhance them with a little digital restoration, and make them print worthy once again.

How it Works

An initial design proof sent to you for your comments or updates, via email. A second and final proof with your sign-off allowing it to go ahead to print. The finished printed, trimmed and folded brochures are delivered to your chosen address.


I arrange the print with a trusted provider who delivers to one UK address. During this time the last thing you want to think about is cost or timings. So I aim to work with fixed costs and to include managing print and delivery. This ensures expenses and production are kept simple and timely, so you have what you need, when you need it.

Out of respect, I have only included a few finished designs. As an example, prices for this complete design service range from £350-£550, with print costs averaging between £30-£55 dependent on the quantity needed. Please email me for further details


I have also recently been speaking with the lovely natural burial company www.leedam about future collaborations. Their fresh approach offers a service that respects the majesty of nature, and an understanding of how both it’s continuation and beauty have the ability to bring comfort in times of great change and loss.


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