I know a lot of dead people

And if you think that is being flippant or disrespectful – it is actually quite the reverse

I was recently invited by Leedam Natural Burials to write a guest blog. I liked their ethos, and the fresh approach they bring to funeral services in the UK. We seemed to share the same respect for the majesty of nature. And how both an appreciation of it’s continuity and it’s beauty have the ability to bring comfort in times of great change and loss.

I have definitely had the privilege to know fantastic, irreplaceable people – who are now dead. In life they might have been passionate, brave, talented, amazing or just kind. So in death, why would the ‘one-size fits all’ approach of a curd-coloured service card, where they are invariably trapped inside a vignette with an unconvincing symbolic something hovering above them, be considered sufficient to mark their uniqueness.


Extract from the blog below;

“As a designer and artist, initially I was asked by friends and family to create bespoke Order of Service

brochures. Having myself witnessed loss, I wanted to contribute something at this difficult time. By creating a unique design, we could remember their loved ones more intimately and vividly than many readily available designs. I also hoped to combine a level of professionalism with my genuine desire to reflect, albeit on this modest stage, a little about the person and their life.

I felt there was a place for bespoke cards that marked a person’s life with celebration and with a non-denominational approach. Where the design could reflect their passions, work or incorporate something unique that would allow their loved ones to smile as they remembered it.

Revelling in the beauty and grandeur of nature, many of the background images I use are full-bleed imagery which give a visceral sense of being somewhere beautiful and important, perhaps providing some comfort as they picture their loved ones there. After the service it can also serve as a small reminder of the occasion and sit alongside other memories and treasured photos.

Once we have settled on an idea I can design the order of service card and send an initial design proof to you via email for your comments or updates. I can make these adjustments and then when you are happy to sign-off the design, I will send it to a trusted local printer.”

Do You Dream (or Design ) in Colour?